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VASA by RANK Software keeps your business safe by arming security analysts with world class AI to detect, hunt and act on risks threatening your network. 

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Gartner names RANK an emerging technology provider.

RANK Software is proud to be named by Gartner as an emerging technology provider in its October 2019 research report: Emerging Technology Analysis: Machine Learning Log Analysis Disrupts Traditional SIEM Buying Models. Gartner subscribers can access the report here:

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Customer Success Stories:
A major telecommunications company found itself under attack from a threat actor using DNS TXT to connect to command and control servers hitting specific domains and IPs. With VASA by RANK Software, they were able to hunt in real time for the behaviour the actor was using instead of using a slower, static batch search.

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When the desktop of a user at a global IT consulting firm was hijacked by malware, it almost slipped through the cracks. Because RANK Software can detect internal threats, they were able to quickly identify the behaviour as inconsistent compared to baseline activity and take action to mitigate the threat.

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An internal server at a large, global communications company was hijacked and time was being sold on the dark web. While their traditional perimeter defence toolss didn't identify the attack, VASA by RANK Software did. VASA flagged the activity as anomalous and helped pinpoint the source of the RDP.

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Threat Researcher | Top 25 Global Telecom Company

"VASA helps us identify the tools, techniques and procedures tied to an attack instead of looking at atomic events."

Threat Hunter | Global IT solutions & services company

"Analyzing anomalous behaviours of individual users vs. their peer group helps us spot and investigate internal threats."

Security Analyst | Top 5 Global VC Firm

"We're able to identify and investigate internal and external threats in real-time, without having to write new rules."