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As Hostile Actors Proliferate, Splunk and VASA Work to Keep You Safe

Posted by Rick Costanzo on January 21, 2020

Amid an increasingly strained relationship with Iran, I am mindful of how recent geopolitical developments are squarely relevant in cybersecurity. The titular assertion of a recent article in the Globe & Mail’s Saturday edition was that “Cyberwar is coming to a city near you.” They have a point: increasing hostility between nations is reflected in this ever more hostile cyber landscape. It’s as important as ever to take stock of your approach to network protection. For our part, we aim to create content that educates businesses on what next-generation cyber defence can and should look like. To be sure, it’s about sales and marketing, but it’s also about helping people make decisions that keep them protected.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Security Analysts, MSSP, Splunk, Threat Hunting

Demo Video - Threat Hunting with VASA + MITRE & Sigma Integrations

Posted by Rick Costanzo on December 6, 2019

My team and I have been working to create more content highlighting what makes VASA the leading Machine Learning-based security analytics solution on the market today. To that end, I’m excited to share with you the first in a series of video demos showcasing VASA’s world-class threat hunting capabilities.

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Topics: user experience, vasa, Machine Learning, Security Analysts, Threat Hunting

Gartner Writes Paper on SIEM Blind Spots, RANK as an Emerging Cybersecurity Technology Provider

Posted by Rick Costanzo on November 15, 2019

SIEMs have a blind spot: they can't detect internal and unknown threats. But VASA's Machine Learning-based engine can. Gartner validated this concern in a edition of their Emerging Technology Analysis, where they cited VASA as a security analytics solution that covers these vulnerabilities in legacy solutions. I know our clients already look to VASA for the most advanced security analytics around; still, I feel this recognition is worth telling you about.

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Topics: featured, Machine Learning, security analytics, SIEM, Threat Hunting

RANK Software Joins Splunk's Technology Alliance Partner Program

Posted by Rick Costanzo on April 22, 2019

RANK Software became a member of Splunk’s Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program last week and we are excited about what this means for Splunk customers.

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Security Analysts, Splunk, SIEM, Threat Hunting

2019 Cybersecurity Prediction: The Rise of the MSSP

Posted by Rick Costanzo on January 17, 2019

The start of a new year affords the opportunity to not only reflect on the past but also plan for the future. 

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Topics: Security Analysts, MSSP

3 Questions Marriott Could Have Asked To Avoid A Breach

Posted by Rick Costanzo on November 30, 2018

To say that this latest disclosure of a breach involving sensitive customer data  (passport
numbers, credit card details etc...) is regrettable seems vastly understated. It shines a light on what critical steps companies should take in protecting their valuable

Here are 3 key questions that every organization should ask themselves on a regular and ongoing basis due to the rapidly changing nature of today's computing environments: 

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