Gartner Writes Paper on SIEM Blind Spots, RANK as an Emerging Cybersecurity Technology Provider

Written by: Rick Costanzo  |  November 15, 2019

SIEMs have a blind spot: they can't detect internal and unknown threats. But VASA's Machine Learning-based engine can. Gartner validated this concern in a edition of their Emerging Technology Analysis, where they cited VASA as a security analytics solution that covers these vulnerabilities in legacy solutions. I know our clients already look to VASA for the most advanced security analytics around; still, I feel this recognition is worth telling you about.

If you’re a Gartner subscriber you may access the full paper here, but these are the key points. They argue that Machine Learning-based platforms – such as VASA – are disrupting the traditional cyber security space with increasingly more advanced analysis capabilities. When used alongside traditional SIEMs, they offer “otherwise unobtainable threat detection results.” ML-based systems also offer “hard measurable cost benefits” with “a justifiable return on the expense of adding them.”

RANK Software is already setting the benchmark for the next generation of cyber defense, and VASA is leading the field in ML-based solutions. Gartner’s recognition serves to further cement VASA’s reputation for a cutting-edge experience

-Rick, CEO

p.s. If you're interested in what Threat Hunting looks like with a next-gen platform like VASA, check out our new demo video.