As Hostile Actors Proliferate, Splunk and VASA Work to Keep You Safe

Written by: Rick Costanzo  |  January 21, 2020

Amid an increasingly strained relationship with Iran, I am mindful of how recent geopolitical developments are squarely relevant in cybersecurity. The titular assertion of a recent article in the Globe & Mail’s Saturday edition was that “Cyberwar is coming to a city near you.” They have a point: increasing hostility between nations is reflected in this ever more hostile cyber landscape. It’s as important as ever to take stock of your approach to network protection. For our part, we aim to create content that educates businesses on what next-generation cyber defence can and should look like. To be sure, it’s about sales and marketing, but it’s also about helping people make decisions that keep them protected.

You may recall, I wrote to you in December about a new series of video demos showcasing VASA’s next-gen cyber defence. I’m writing again to share that our latest episode is available to watch below. This demo discusses how Splunk customers can easily integrate with VASA to get the best of both products.

New Splunk Integrations

We have the privilege of working with Splunk as a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP). This means VASA has been certified by Splunk for its ability to deliver a wider range of solutions to their users. For us, a demo episode covering powerful advantages of using these tools together was a no-brainer. By integrating with VASA, Splunk customers unlock indispensable tools for their threat hunters and security team at large. 

As for the demo video, we cover several examples of the advantages of a VASA-Splunk integration. To name a few:

  1. Support for MITRE and Sigma pre-configured threat hunts.
  2. Realtime enrichment and correlation of data through threat intelligence feeds, internal context, and more.
  3. Analytics generated by VASA’s sophisticated AI and learning engines, including unknown threat detection. 
  4. The ability to query all your data - Splunk and VASA - in the same place without data duplication.
  5. A per-asset pricing model, with no feeds for data volume.

I encourage you to watch the video for a more complete picture of how VASA and Splunk work as a team to keep your networks secure. Please don’t hesitate to write back with any questions or thoughts.


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