Lockheed Martin Canada partners with RANK Software

Written by: RANK Software  |  February 7, 2017

It is with great excitement that we announce RANK’s partnership with Lockheed Martin Canada to create innovative cybersecurity solutions. The confidence placed by Lockheed Martin on our technology further reinforces our strong belief that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence driven Behavioral Analytics is the fulcrum for helping Predict, Prevent and Defeat cyberattacks.


Lockheed Martin has long been considered a cyber pioneer, developing the Cyber Kill Chain model that has become a global standard bearer for network defense. From providing security solutions at remote corners of the world to complex analysis in control rooms, Lockheed does it all and has an unparalleled expertise in complex systems engineering and integration. We at RANK feel privileged to be selected for the opportunity to work with them to develop New Generation of Cybersecurity solutions.

RANK’s Security Analytics Platform, VASA, is currently been demonstrated at Lockheed Martin Canada’s IMPACT Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Visitors can witness firsthand the potency of combining complete network visibility with a unique Visualization approach so as to become a true Virtual Assistant to Security Analysts. RANK’s Collaborative Discovery approach leverages Man and Machine working together to provide an Automated Behavioral based Detection system that is super easy to use.

More details are at http://www.canadiandefencereview.com/news?news/2192