Panama Leaks pales in comparison to Millions of Consumer information leaked regularly

Written by: RANK Software  |  May 4, 2016

It’s interesting to see global press focus on leakage of documents pertaining to few rich and super rich attempts at benefiting from the tax benefits at Panama.

At the same time, stories related to leakage of Personally Identifiable Information for millions of consumers like you and me are getting lost in back pages or small mentions in remote websites. Information like Name, address, social security number (or equivalent Government provided Identification number), mother’s maiden name, birthday, employment history, bank and credit card information and more are readily getting accessed by hackers. Why is there almost no hue & cry in the ecosystem ?

Take a look at some of numbers below which speak for themselves

  • 50 million citizen data got leaked in Turkey recently
  • 55 million voters details leaked in Philippines
  • 70 million prisoner phone calls hacked in U.S. Violating attorney client privileges
  • 70 million consumers data breach at Target is still fresh in memory
  • 83 million consumer records got hacked at JPMorgan
  • 37 Ashley Madison users are still trying to figure out what hit them
  • 15 million consumers of credit agency Experian had their information exposed
  • 10 million users of Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield had the same problem
  • 8 million consumer of VTech got exposed
  • 6 million consumers of Scottrade had their information leaked
  • 5 million patients at UCLA Health had their records leaked
  • 4 million users of Talk Talk had the same problem

And there are many, many more that don’t get reported or mentioned anywhere. In all cases, the consumer or citizen just wanted to use the service of the merchant or government. Is it so wrong on their part to expect a sensible level of privacy ? They were not trying to save taxes or hide something, just wanted to use the services.

While attempts at protecting consumer information are being made, are they enough ? Look at any institution globally and you will see more focus on acquiring & retaining a consumer than protecting their information. Public and Private sector institutions would step up their game only when we as citizens and customers demand more.

Time to lower our focus on lifestyles of Rich and Famous and maybe focus more on what impacts us personally !!