Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)

Transform management of cyber risk

CISOs are face increasing legal exposure, reputation damage, operational interruption and financial loss. Attacks are increasing in volume and sophistication as adversaries use ever evolving technologies and attack methodologies.

RANK Software helps CISOs strengthen their security posture in a rapidly evolving threat landscape. With VASA by RANK Software, CISOs can develop a holistic view of what's happening in their enterprise and hunt threats in real-time. This puts the modern CISO in control of their ability to prevent breaches, mitigate risk and improve efficiency with RANK Software's advanced suite of security analytics tools.


Reduce Risk

RANK Software lowers the risk of a successful cyber attack by empowering security analysts to hunt threats as they develop and take action immediately.

Control Cost

RANK Software increases the efficiency of threat hunters and security analysts, allowing organizations to increase coverage without additional headcount or large services costs.

Faster Response

RANK Software improves access to the information needed to take action on threats as they unfold by enriching data with context, thereby improving responsiveness and mitigating the impact of a security event.

Stay Ahead

RANK Software allows organizations to future proof their enterprise security posture as the complexity and sophistication of attacks continues to grow.

Improve Alignment & Enable Your Business

RANK Software allows business leaders to bring alignment between the scale and complexity of emerging threats and the tools they give their teams to address them. 

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