VASA for Enterprise

Easy to deploy, use and scale as attacks grow.


20.4 billion connected things are expected to be in use by 2020. More devices connected to your network makes security scalability a critical capability for enterprises as they plan today for tomorrow’s challenges.

VASA by RANK Software is designed to be deployed quickly with flexibility to meet the changing needs of any business.

Scalable enterprise security analytics

Deploy quickly

  • VASA by RANK Software is a software only solution designed for flexibility
  • Deploy in the Cloud, On Premise or in Hybrid environments
  • Up and running in as little as 4 hours

As your needs change, so does VASA

  • Customize VASA without requiring software development.
  • Add new actions, new context menus and new anomaly detections without the need for new code.

Integrate with existing systems

  • Optimize data storage efficiency, cost savings and faster solution deployment
  • Integrate with existing security solutions without duplicating existing data
  • In addition to ingesting system network traffic, ingest data from any source: SIEMs, log management systems, malware sandboxes...

User friendly data visualization

  • Pull back the curtains and get detailed context to confidently determine if an alert is malicious or not
  • The Network Graph and Timeline View put context at the fingertips of analysts in a visual way
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