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Exiger and Venture Leaders Back Cyber Security Innovator -- RANK Software – June 09, 2016

Exiger, the global regulatory and financial crime, risk and compliance firm, together with Generation Ventures, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, Export Development Canada and Trellis Capital announce an equity investment in RANK Software, a Toronto-based company that...
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How RANK Software Inc. is fighting big-data threats with big-data solutions – November 20, 2016

...As CEO of Toronto-based startup RANK Software Inc., he sees “a fascinating problem” in the dark world of cyber crime. Its potential solution, he says, is one of the most exciting opportunities in computing today. “The fundamental problem of detecting cybersecurity threats before they happen has gone unsolved,” says Mayya...
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Cyber Security: Identifying technologies to cover vulnerabilities

VANGUARD Defense Security Technologies – January 26, 2017

...Another company, RANK, brings big data technology into the cyber security realm. RANK’s threat detection platform, VASA, revolutionizes cyber security response through a unique collaborative discovery process that enables...
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Cyber Security Partnership Showcased at Lockheed Martin Canada’s IMPACT Centre – February 06, 2017

Lockheed Martin Canada has partnered with Toronto-based RANK Software to create innovative cyber security solutions for future Canadian and international defence programs. The demand for solutions that can defend against advanced persistent cyber threats...
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Lockheed Martin Canada Teams With Rank Software for Co-Branded Cybersecurity Offering – February 14, 2017

The Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) business unit in Canada has partnered with Rank Software in efforts to deliver cybersecurity and security analytics services to defense programs in the country and abroad. Lockheed Martin Canada said Tuesday the collaboration aims to address challenges such as the shortage of trained cyber professionals and demand for security measures against...
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The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News

The National – March 10, 2017

"Hackers are getting smarter... We accept the fact that you you've already been or going to be breached..."
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The 1M/1M Deal Radar 2017: RANK Software

One Million By One Million Blog – April 25, 2017

Toronto, Canada-based RANK Software provides a security analytics platform called Virtual Advisor to Security Analysts (VASA) that leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for cyber security solutions...
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Security Analyst: The New Data Scientist – May 7, 2018

The impact that AI is making on business and consumer continues to grow by the day. If a company isn’t already using AI to improve how works gets done, to improve customer service, or to reduce costs, then they’re trying to figure out how to use it.
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Top Considerations for CISOs When Consolidating Information Security Solutions – May 24, 2018

Many CISOs seek to consolidate information security solutions to reduce their security clutter, cut costs, and simplify the management of information security overall. But there are many considerations CISOs must weigh to inform these decisions, such as redundancies, costs, integration, demands on internal IT departments, and more.
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While SIEMs Are Necessary, They Are No Longer Sufficient – May 29, 2018

Attacks on enterprise networks are coming from a growing number of different threats, faster than previously thought possible. Successful cyber attacks result in exposing sensitive customer data, an immediate loss of revenue, and a long-lasting damage to your brand.
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RANK Software and the Fields Institute Collaborate on AI Cybersecurity ResearchHeadline goes here

GlobeNewswire – July 10, 2018

Findings in automated detection expected to help enterprises strengthen resilience to cyber-attacks
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Attack vs Compromise: Understand What You're Watching

Channel Futures – July 23, 2018

The difference between IoC and IoA is the difference between cleaning up after a burglary and heading off a thief before he gets in the door.
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RANK Software Appoints Rick Costanzo As CEO

GlobeNewswire – 08/14/2018

RANK Software today announced it has appointed Rick Costanzo as its CEO.
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RANK Software Delivers New Capabilities to Hunt for Cyber Attacks in Real-Time

GlobeNewswire – 10/2/2018

New capabilities including support for third-party tools, techniques and procedures, to detect and prevent malicious attacks and security threats faster.
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Postmedia Network Selects RANK Software To Bolster Security Protection Against Real-Time Cyber Attacks

GlobeNewswire – 10/16/2018

Postmedia Network Inc. has selected RANK Software. Under this multi-year agreement, Postmedia will use the AI-based threat detection platform to provide real-time threat hunting capabilities throughout its worldwide network of 160 brands across multiple print, online and mobile platforms.
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New privacy rules will force Canadian companies to disclose data breaches

CBC – 1/1/2018

New privacy rules designed to better safeguard the personal data of Canadians and let them know when it has been breached kick in Thursday, but even security experts say they are far from perfect.
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Swisscom Expands Use of RANK Software Amidst Growing Global Security Analyst Shortage

GlobeNewswire – 12/3/2018

Swisscom has signed a new three-year agreement to use RANK Software to provide real-time threat hunting capabilities throughout its internal network across its business.
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RANK Software Partners with Scalar to Advance Proactive Cybersecurity Threat Hunting as a Service

GlobeNewswire – 1/15/2018

New partnership to deliver next-generation cybersecurity solutions through new Security Operations Centers.
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RANK Software Ends 2018 with 111 Percent Revenue Growth

GlobeNewswire – 1/29/2018

AI Cybersecurity Platform Provider Added Key Customers, Expanded Market Coverage, and Grew Platform Capabilities
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Rank Software Expands Threat Hunting Support With Key Cloud Services Vendors

GlobeNewswire – 2/26/2019

Rank Software expands threat hunting support with key cloud services vendors including Google G-Suite, Office 365, and Okta users to benefit from AI-based Security and Threat Intelligence.
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RANK Software to Help MSSPs Scale Cybersecurity Offerings

GlobeNewswire – 3/4/2018

New Multi-tenant Capabilities Enable MSSPs to Manage Multiple Customers from a Single Dashboard
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RANK Software Partners with Next Level Business to Advance Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

GlobeNewswire – 3/5/2019

NLB Services teams up with RANK Software to deliver next-generation cybersecurity solutions
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RANK Software Founder Chosen to Speak at 2019 Homeland Defense & Security Summit

GlobeNewswire – 03/26/2019

RANK Software, a provider of AI-based security analytics and threat hunting solutions, today announced that its Founder, Dr. Niranjan Mayya, has been asked to speak at the 2nd International Homeland Defense & Security Summit.
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