Stop reacting to threats. Start hunting in real-time.

Real-time threat hunting allows businesses to stop responding to alerts and start proactively taking control over their security posture. But traditional UEBA and SIEM tools fall short when it comes to enabling true end-to-end threat hunting. The need for additional platforms to investigate threats and more bodies to analyze false positives hurt security analyst more than they help.

VASA by RANK Software gives security professionals a single platform to investigate and act on threats in real-time, as they happen, allowing them to add value where it counts.


 Threat hunt in real time with VASA

Enterprise scale data analysis

  • Ingest data from multiple sources including malware analysis, end point security and SIEMs
  • Support for internal, unknown and external events
  • >10Gbps supported
  • Billion+ events per day

The context you need to hunt in real-time

  • Add context from across your network
  • Assign a 'Risk Score' to help identify the most credible threats
  • Massively reduce false positives

Map assets in real-time

  • Map IPs to Machine Names
  • Arm analysts with actionable insight
  • Increase accuracy

Go deeper with secondary analysis

  • Develop context to explain the case of an anomaly
  • Assemble the story behind a threat as it unfolds

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