Using just SIEM and/or UEBA solutions leaves you vulnerable...

Security Analytics close the gap.

Security Analytics Exposes Threats SIEM and UEBA can't find.

Batch analytics that take 45 minutes or more to run queries, slow down threat analysis, and hamper analyst productivity. 

Leading security analytics platforms eliminate latency with live threat detection. Only VASA ingests, enriches and correlates network data with endpoint and user data as it streams across the enterprise in real time. By enriching and correlating data at the point of ingestion, data can be queried quickly for a clearer understanding of what’s happening across your entire network. This allows analysts to glean insights they’ve never seen before and to address risks in a timely manner. This results in increased productivity and enables security teams to close gaps faster ensuring threats don’t have time to fester and cause more damage.

  • Data is annotated with enriched context so queries respond instantaneously 
  • Extract layer 7 application level data valuable for threat detection
  • Assets mapped at point of ingestion
  • No need for costly storage of DNS 

Security Analytics Covers All Your Blind Spots Leaving No Stone Unturned. 

Unknown threats can come from anywhere and look like anything. Security platforms that limit themselves to network analytics fail to give analysts the rich context they need to find unknown threats. 

VASA extends your ability to enrich your data and context by associating data with other knowledge bases giving you the assurance that all the information available and at your disposal is being put to work by your security analytics platform.  

  • Support data from many structured or semi-structured sources: network data, endpoint data, SIEM and beyond…
  • VASA maps to a common schema at the time of ingestion ensuring context is available when you need it

Security Analytics Improves The Insight and Productivity of Security Analysts Through Better Data.

While SIEMs can detect known threats, their use of summarized data makes it impossible to figure out what’s going on - why it happened, how it happened, and in what sequence. The lack of flexibility to interrogate data leaves security analysts to manually go through log by log. 

Security Analytics platforms are flexible and support any level data you want to use for threat hunting. Whether you're supplying the platform with Netflow logs or raw PCAP traffic, only VASA can ensure you're extracting the best insight from whatever data you're providing.

With VASA analysts can look at raw data when performing an investigation to understand where an alert came from, see the sequence of events and piece together a richer story - who was impacted, where the attack came from, and what happened before, during and after.

  • VASA ingests streaming data so you don’t have to pay to duplicate or store data for analysis
  • VASA’s loosely coupled and extensible architecture allows for easy integration with SIEMs, threat intelligence feeds and SOARs to maximize the breadth and quality of data used for threat hunting