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The RANK Software technology partner ecosystem enhances an organization’s ability to detect and respond to threats by extending the value of their current security investments.

With businesses using upwards of 40 different point solutions for enterprise security, consolidating that data in a smart and actionable way is time consuming and often results in data duplication, driving up cost.

VASA is designed to work closely with other security solutions, allowing businesses to use existing data to enrich data, unlock new context and insights and take action on alerts - all from a single platform.

Using a software only model, new data sources can be up and running in as little as 4 hours with no data duplication.

Customers are using VASA by RANK Software with


  • Easily flow data into an existing dashboard
  • Automatically take action based on alerts identified by VASA
  • Integrate end point alerts into VASA together with built-in network analytics
  • Query end-point data for specific searches/hunts being executed in VASA
  • Automatically extract files from network packets or e-mail gateways for submission to Malware Sandbox Analyzers
  • Provide security analysts with rich contextual signals by integrating results into the VASA dashboard
  • Ingest SIEM alerts and combine with VASA’s built-in detection models to strengthen signals to security analysts
  • Integrate SIEM log data to support contextual queries for a specific search/hunt being executed

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