Threat Hunters & Security Analysts

Re-Define Your Value

Security Analysts and Real-Time Threat Hunters are on the front lines of enterprise cyber security. Yet while these roles are growing in importance, the people in them feel vulnerable.

RANK Software is built to give front line security personnel the context they need to hunt threats in real-time, at scale.

Increase Speed & Accuracy

RANK Software helps cyber threat hunters and security analysts to become more efficient without compromising on quality or thoroughness by giving them access to more data, insight and context - brought together in a single place, made easy to interpret and act upon.

Add Strategic Value to Your Business

RANK Software allows front line cyber threat hunters and analysts to up-level the strategic value they bring to businesses by allowing them to tell a richer story about threats as they evolve.

Enhance Your Workflow

RANK Software makes data contextualization and advanced analyses easy to implement out-of-the-box without having to jump through hoops.

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