Meet VASA by RANK Software

A next-generation security intelligence and analytics platform


Easily installed on premises, in public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure), private clouds, and hybrid setups, RANK's Virtual Advisor to Security Analysts (VASA) helps enterprises identify and analyze cybersecurity threats in real time, allowing organizations to take a proactive security posture in a fast changing threat landscape.


Detect - dashboard

Detect Threats Of Any Kind 

Robust security means being able to detect known and unknown threats covering both external and insider scenarios.

VASA blends a fully customizable business rules engine to find the known threats together with AI to identify unknown threats .

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Hunt With Context & Clarity

Painting a clear picture of an attack as it unfolds requires analysts to assimilate information from across the network at real-time speeds. 

VASA unlocks unprecedented context for threat hunting by enriching and correlating data streams from across the enterprise. State-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning allows security teams to hunt for threats across the entire surface area - from finding network-based issues to individual user and machine based issues. With VASA, security analysts have the information they need, when they need it.

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Act Quickly and Confidently

Amplifying the effectiveness of security analysts takes blending human and machine interaction.  

Using an AI powered learning engine, VASA gives security analysts recommendations on what actions to take next when resolving a threat. VASA’s active learning loop uses your own data to continually improve your systems and the accuracy of response enabling a new level of security analyst productivity.

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Watch this short demo to see VASA in action

RANK - 8 minute demo - VY