Why Use Security Analytics? 

Today's tools are no match for tomorrow's attacks.


Why Now?

As the impact and frequency of cyber attacks grow, organizations are facing new pressures to ensure their cyber risk strategy is up to the task.


Security analytics prepare you for growing threats.

Growing Threats

Advanced persistent threats are targeting an expanded threat surface. Between 2015 and 2021 the frequency of zero-day exploits is expected to rise from one per week to one each day.

$6 trillion

by 2021

Higher Stakes

Damages from cyber crime are expected to reach $6 trillion per year by 2021. No industry is safe and the question isn't 'if' your business will be attacked but 'when'. As the impact grows, Boards of Directors across every industry are asking tough questions about whether businesses have the people and technology to mitigate risk of a security breach.

Without security analytics, security falls short.

Security Falls Short

Existing tools haven't kept up. They aren't able to handle the billions of security events generated every day and analyzing threats requires manual human analysis and response. Ineffective use of Artificial Intelligence is producing too many false positives while a 2 million person shortage in qualified security personnel means there are too few people to investigate them.

With security analytics, the game has changed.

The Game Has Changed

Surviving and thriving in the zero day world takes new capabilities. Security analysts need proper context to hunt threats in real-time. Protection from unknown and internal threats is critical. Scalability is paramount as more devices are connecting to the enterprise.

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